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A collection I’m working on during my middle adulthood adventure into studying psychology, in South Africa. I reflect on elements of in-congruent ideology of some prescribed readings in our curriculum, the experience of an adult, straight, white, male in a mostly feminine environment of academia, and some reflections on my personal journey using the lexicon in psychology.

I aim to develop pro-social masculine themes in psychology, to add Humanist understanding through sharing psycho-education.

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– Vincent Psych SA (2021)

Interview with @BenjaminABoyce regarding #CRT and ideology in South Africa

The Rogue Male – an approach to realistic masculine counselling Podcasts:

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How Can We Identify the Ethics for the Male Wounded Healer I
– Article on PsychReg.Org

Regarding my avatar above: Its a clip of my art done before the ‘new’ South Africa circa 1990. I was depicting the multi-colour face of pain and suffering I witnessed in my country. Art has been my therapy. My Twitter page has a background of my last painting dedicated to 2020.

A general chat with @dennisr_howell from

YouTube Channel – Here

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